the day wear experience

Quintana specialises in 'Sastreria Espagñola' - Spanish for bespoke daywear, suitable for office and daytime attire. Quintana uses a mixture of traditional techniques and innovative practises to combine sharp shapes with a flattering fit. All techniques used adhere to the rigorous guidelines of couture.

The perfectly tailored daytime item is designed to turn heads. Tailored daywear works beautifully as a polished lunch or work ensemble - exquisite fitting and flattering forms are appropriate for all daytime occasions, formal or otherwise. As always, in designing your staple pieces, whether it be a jacket, trouser suit or shift dress, Quintana will focus on you - your requirements, and your personal means of self-expression.

We offer a selection of services designed to assist in the creation of your corporate attire. Attire can be overlooked but the reality is this expression of self translates to social standing; a unique and distinct ensemble can craft your corporate success.

To make our services as convenient as possible, one of our stylists will visit you, at your chosen time and place, to gather the important information required for Quintana to design your wardrobe options.

The next step is for you to visit our studio where Quintana will present sketches and fabrics reflecting your objectives, complimenting your shape and colouring and asserting your taste and identity. Following the finalising of agreed pieces and respective finishes, we require 3-4 fittings, again at a location and time convenient for you, to complete your order. For the last fitting we will invite you to our Atelier for the collection of your Couture pieces.

For your bespoke couture wardrobe, we have two packages available.

Package 1 includes 4 bespoke skirts, 2 blouses, 2 blazers and 2 dresses. £9,900

Package two includes 4 dresses, 2 trousers, 4 skirts, 4 blouses, 4 blazers. £18,000