the bridal experience

"A wedding gown is the bride’s instrument of expression, just like the piece of art is for an artist." J.C. Quintana.

The experience of creating a couture gown starts with a visit to the Quintana Couture studio. Here Quintana will gather vital information about your wedding, your personality, style and various other elements from which he will use to sketch three or four options for you to consider.

These sketches will be presented in your second visit, along with a selection of silks, fine laces, crystals and any other materials discussed as part of your wedding piece.

This process is free from any obligation. However, more often than not, during this visit you find the gown of your dreams and give us the green light to schedule the necessary fittings for your selected item (generally between 4 to 5 fittings) for that special day.

Every aspect of your gown will be handmade in our London Atelier, utilizing our skilled and dedicated team who seam, bead, hand-tack and iron in house under the direction of Quintana, the couturier.

A Wedding dress can take from six to ten months to be handmade, however fast 'rush commissions' are also available upon special request.